Each year I style a valentines day bar cart. It’s about the only place in my house where it feels “right” to put valentines day decor since mostly everywhere else just feels out of place! If you’re into home decor and you don’t have a bar cart, I HIGHLY recommend getting one. I find that its where I can have the most fun in my home with holiday decor on a budget. Not to mention, it also comes in handy for parties and hosting!

All sources will be linked under each photo, and at the end of this post.

Lets take a look at how I styles my kitchen & bar cart a few years back. I LOVE using valentines day candies in apothecary jars and flutes. I find that I don’t typically use the glassware on my bar cart since they tend to get dusty quickly, so using them as a decorative element makes them serve a purpose.

This year, I shopped my house, and styled a lot of items I already had. I already had this green tray and rocks glasses, as well as the mason jar. I filled the mason jar with some red and pink striped straws, and added a couple of ballon sticks. I found these super cute #GALS napkins in the dollar bins at target this year, along with these fairy lights (but I’ll link some options for you below). 

What I love about styling bar carts is that most of these items are under $5, and you only have to buy them once! I organize my holiday bar cart decor in a bin stored in my kitchen, and I now have all my seasonal napkins, straws, fairy lights and votive candles organized and in one place. Even the melamine balloons can be deflated and stored year after year (yes I’m that person, but I prefer to shop my storage room than buy the same thing year after year) 😅

For the bottom, I personally removed most of my liquors and bottles and stored them away since we aren’t planning on hosting any time soon. I kept a cute bottle of champagne for looks, my favorite gin for convenience and a bottle of grenadine for my Italian Soda recipe I make with Pellegrino!

Speaking of Pellegrino, these bottles are a very affordable way to make your bar cart stand out! We personally are a Pellegrino house hold, and sometimes go through multiple bottles a day – but even if you’re not, its a nice to have for guests that like sparkling water and it’s a cute addition to your bar!

Lastly, I shopped my closet for a floral arrangement and some pink books to add a little bit of color. All-in-all I probably spent about $15 dollars this year to make this bar cart ready for the holidays!

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